Inmate Communications News Recap

Inmates Placed 30 Million Calls In March Thanks To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies saw a record breaking amount of inmate communications in March thanks to their platform. Securus Technologies is the forerunner when it comes to providing civil and justice technology. Their VoIP ( voice over internet protocol) platform is one of the largest in the world and in March they broke the record for the most audio and video calls completed by inmates.

By having everyone using the same platform is significant for all concerned. Not only does it save money, but it also makes managing all telecommunications easier. All proper background checks are completed before the platform is used. Calls to and from inmates are stored for 10 years. This means if any problems arise and need to be investigated, records of any telecommunications are easy to obtain. It is important to note that calls between lawyers and clients are not kept. Inmates are able to easily maintain relationships with family and friends thanks to this type of technology.

Securus Technology can provide over 900 different features and can easily accommodate any prison. They provide their own software updates and usually know that there is a problem with the system before it is reported. They are also an extra set of ears. Due to their monitoring process, they know when unauthorized use of the system occurs, and they can help research any call that may not have followed protocol. Securus claims that their security features save a substantial amount of lives.

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